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The Story of Conscient Kind

We are an eco-friendly online market place for compostable, vegan, and reusable household, health and beauty items.


The environment and the protection of sentient beings is our passion. We strive to be ethical in our decision making and transparent with customers.

Plastic pollution is everywhere. It is estimated that all sea animals have eaten microfibers, and many of us have seen the pictures of decomposing birds with plastic pieces in their belly.

Despite this, many large corporations either don't care, are doing the bare minimum to comply with new regulations or are simply changing their wasteful practices too slow. As consumers, we have grown outraged by the lack of environmentally friendly options around us. From plastic toothbrushes and shampoo bottles to plastic wrapped English cucumber and cauliflower; we want the use of unnecessary plastic to end.

We want to provide people with alternatives that will leave them with a clear conscience. Current and future products on this site are and will always be vegan, either 100% or mostly compostable, recyclable and or reusable. Our biggest strife is with plastic, so our items will be 100% plastic-free or they will use minimal amounts of plastic.

Our current selection includes bamboo toothbrushes with charcoal infused bristles but much more is to come!​


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