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How to Repurpose Your Old Bamboo Toothbrush

Updated: Jun 25, 2019

So, you've seen the social media posts with people on the beach holding what appears to be trash but what is really old toothbrushes from when the first toothbrushes were reinvented using plastic and now, you’re looking for a new way to give yours a new lease of life instead of tossing them out. Here are a few old and new ideas on how to do that.

First, clean your brush by boiling it for a few minutes in a pot of water, while making sure that the bristles don't melt at the bottom of your pot. Then label it for its use so there is no confusion on whose brush it is. We wouldn’t want someone to brush their teeth with the brush you just used to clean the toilet


- Use those bristles to scrub grout lines, seals and hard to reach areas around the faucets in your bathrooms and kitchen. Make sure to designate a brush to each area that needs one.

- Use your old toothbrush to scrub the dried-in, stubborn stains off your laundry using the appropriate solution that pertains to the type of stain.

- Use it to brush away dust and small debris from your electronics like Keyboards, computer mouse, remote control, etc. It works perfectly for those hard-to-reach, in-between spaces

- Reuse it as a vegetable scrub. Its soft enough to remove dirt from potatoes and mushrooms without damaging the skin. It can also remove any nasty wax from apples and tomatoes.

- Clean your intricately designed furniture, badges and emblems with an old toothbrush

- Use it to clean the vent on your blow dryer and other vents

- Give your car a deep cleaning by using it to brush all those hard to reach areas outside and inside your car. Its great for forcing the trapped in dust and other particles.

-Use it to clean your jewelry, silverware, and relics

Other Uses

- Use it as an eyebrow brush or for brushing the bottom of your finger nails to remove the dirt that gets trapped under the nails. It’s a good addition to your nighttime routine.

- Use it to apply dye for touching up your hair color

- Use them as garden markers to label and demarcate your parsley, cilantro, basil and rosemary.

- Make interesting brush patterns on your next piece of art

- Use it in kids art projects

Once you have used your brush to exhaustion, remove the bristles with pliers or snap the brush's head off before putting it in your compost. At best, the handle can decompose within a few weeks in an industrial composting facility. At worst, 10 years if thrown in the trash.

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