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Proper Flossing And Some Fun Facts

Flossing is said to remove 40 percent of bacteria and sticky plaque from teeth. The acids generated by plaque create cavities and inflame the gums causing gum disease.

A representative analysis carried out by Duong T. Nguyen in 2016 found that:

- 30 percent of the population floss daily,

- a little over 37 percent said they floss occasionally and

- a little over 32 percent say they never floss.

Although data regarding the benefits of flossing is limited, the potential benefits outweigh the risks.

However, people who have flossed can attest that tiny pieces of food may dislodge from between teeth after flossing. So, it's difficult to believe that flossing is not beneficial even though there isn't enough proof that it is. The few studies that are available conclude that flossing is most beneficial when done properly. That said, here is the proper way to floss:

1) Use a floss 15 - 18 inches long

2) Carefully slide it between your teeth pressing it against the side of one tooth at a time making a "C" shape and polishing it with a gentle up and down motion.

Tip: When the dreaded time to floss arrives consider the cost and discomfort of dental implants, periodontal surgery or a root canal.

As a vegan I have experienced the hardship of realizing that many of the, not only food but items I use in my daily life have some kind of animal derived ingredient. As an environmentalist I've noticed the unnecessary use of plastic on items that will be thrown away within a few minutes or within a few weeks. Dental floss is one item that is usually not vegan because of the beeswax and it comes in an unnecessary thick plastic container that will linger in the environment for about 1000 years.

Flossing can be unpleasant to do as it is and finding vegan floss used to be more difficult than a trip to your local super market. Fortunately, in the age of technological social connectivity it has become as easy as a simple search on Google or Ecosia. Follow this link to find plastic-free vegan dental floss.

Happy flossing

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