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Vegan Buffalo Mozzarella

This bouncy, stretchy and melty vegan mozzarella is so good on pizza, quesadillas and in eggplant sandwiches you will agree with me that it's worth the effort. Actually it's not even a difficult recipe, it just requires patience... Real buffalo mozzarella is made from water buffalo milk versus cows' milk. Additionally its texture is much softer and creamier with a slight tangy flavor. This vegan version is also creamy, bouncy and tangy, yay!


In this recipe I use macadamia nuts but you can experiment with other nut varieties. I would go for something with mild flavor and something that is creamy and soft. The nuts in this recipe need to be soft to give a smoother consistency, for this you will need to soak the them overnight or you can soak them for 30 minutes in water that is boiling.


Probiotics are live bacteria; microorganisms that promote a healthy gut. They are often found in fermented foods like kombucha, kimchi, sauerkraut, tempeh, soy sauce and yogurt among other foods. Milk cheese is also considered a fermented food, so when we add probiotics to our vegan mozzarella we are further mimicking the process of milk cheese making. Probiotics need a bit of acid to begin fermentation, which is why this recipe calls for a bit of lemon juice. Additionally, they need time and and to be kept in an environment of approximately 70°F and with low to no oxygen. During fermentation it is best if you put the cheese mix in a container that has an airlock, this way the oxygen can't get in and the container won't explode from the pressure. If you don't have an airlock container, a regular glass container with a lid lightly placed over it will work.

Psyllium Powder

Psyllium is a soluble fiber that comes from Plantago, a leafy green plant that has been used for centuries in herbal remedies. In this recipe psyllium powder is used as a food thickener and it helps keep all the mixture together. When cooked it helps give cheese a stretchy gooey quality.


- 300 g Macadamia nuts or hazelnuts

- 1 tablespoon lemon juice

- 118 ml water

- 5 tablespoons nutritional yeast

- 3 probiotic capsules

- 550 ml of water

- 4 tablespoons psyllium husks

- 2 teaspoon salt


  1. Cover the nuts with enough water and let them soak for at least 8 hours. Drain the nuts and rinse with cold water.

  2. Put the drained nuts, lemon juice and 118 ml of water in a blender or food processor and blend until creamy.

  3. Add the nutritional yeast and the probiotics to the blender. You will need to open the probiotic capsules and only add the powder.

  4. Blend that mixture again until it is homogeneous.

  5. Transfer the mixture into a glass container and loosely cover it with a lid or if you have a container with an airlock, put it there. Let it ferment for 24 hours.

  6. Put 550 ml of water in a large bowl and add the psyllium in slowly as you whisk it until it becomes a thick gel-like consistency.

  7. Whisk together the nut and psyllium mixtures and the salt. Make sure it is well mixed.

  8. Put the cheese mixture in 2 or 3 bowls and in the fridge to harden into a nice round shape for 8 or more hours before eating.

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